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Eco & Tribal Tourism

Jatni – Odisha

Siddharth village, THREAD is ensconced in a serene and picturesque campus, known for its aesthetically appealing living quarters and the seamless application of Vastu.

Kakirigumma – Odisha

Siddharth Village Kakirigumma is located in between Rayagada and Koraput districts of Odisha. Surrounded by hills and forest, it is the ideal place to explore Odisha’s rich

Waynad – kerala

Unwind in the peaceful surroundings and total comfort of “Villa Exotica”, Wayanad, Kerala. Wayanad is the ideal getaway, with a host of attractive destinations ensuring

THREAD Activities

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EMPOWERMENT, ECONOMIC & ECOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES through tribal and dalith women’s organisations of Malkangiri district. Under Entraide et Fraternite, Belgium

Since its inception, THREAD along with its partner Orissa Nari Samaj (ONS) has been working for socio-economic development of the excluded groups (SC & ST) with special focus on indigenous women. It has worked on life and livelihood issues of these groups. THREAD has always sought to generate awareness through ONS on various social issues among the excluded groups so that they can join the mainstream society. Ensuring food security, promoting eco-farming, etc. for sustainable livelihood, conservation of traditional seeds, herbal medicine and building peoples’ institution in the villages and network of peoples institution etc are some of the important activities that attracted media attention.

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THREAD from its inception thrusting on enhancing the social capital of social excluded groups and their organisation to assert their rights and entitlements for addressing the livelihood, food, environment and social security issues. The earlier movement against BT Brinjal, Sponge Iron, effectiveness PASA are the examples which inspired the tribal women by which they are being united under a common platform and also recognised by Government departments for their unity and collective efforts.

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Food Security Demonstration and Self Reliance for tribal and dalith women’s organizations- supported by Perma Fund, Australia

This project aims at Food security, self reliance for supporting eco food court run by tribal womens organization namely NariSugyanisamaj, demonstration on food chain concept for all fifty four tribal womens organizations on food chain are the purpose of the activities Installation of poultry over the pond, Organising state level tribal organizations to demonstrate food chain to replicate.

Eco food court
Eco food Court

A new concept emerges by thread for sustainable of block level registered women organizations associated with thread under Odisha state since 1986. Out of 54 tribals women’s organization, Eco Food court of Jatni, Siddharth Village is presently managed by Nari Jangyaseni samaj,Jharbandh block under Baragarh district and Eco Food court of Kakiriguma, Siddharth Village is managed by Nari Sugyani Samaj, Kotpad, Koraput district on experiment basis .Slowly eco food court will be opened in their respective areas for the financial development & sustainability of the members.

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Empowering and Building Capacity of Tribal Communities of Four Gram Panchayats of Laxmipur Block of Koraput District to Increase Food Security, Strengthen Social Cohesion, and EnhanceClimate Resilience Supported by Scottish Government

Gaia Education and THREAD have been working in collaboration for five years. THREAD leaders completed Gaia Education Ecovillage Design programme (EDE) in Sieben Linden Ecovillage in Germany in 2008, where they acquired practical ecovillage skills to promote viable economies, equity and justice, and ecological integrity in their tribal villages. In early 2011, THREAD Executive Director, Mr. George John, joined a Transition Town Training conducted by Gaia Education staff in Thailand..

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Ecological Block Brick Making for Indigenous Youth for Their Livelihood, Ethos Global Foundation, Australia

This project has overseen the training of 25 youth, especially girls from indigenous tribes who dropped out of school. After the practical training, the students form a team of their own under the tribal women’s organisations (registered) and take up infrastructure construction contracts for social welfare programmes sanctioned by the govt of Odisha.

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International Ecovillage Design Education course

Eco Village Design Education conducted at Siddharth Village, Odisha is a transforming experience. A course with attendance from all over the world, it is designed with EDE mandala as base, integrating the ‘World view’, ‘Social’, ‘Economic’ and ‘Ecology’ dimensions.

The course sets a stage for questioning long held perspectives about life, oneself and the world around us. This in turn may lead to experiencing changes in the here and now. Relaxation and meditation techniques, exercises to manifest desires and so on, facilitate participants to experience the incredible connection between mind and matter/body, mind and energy systems.

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Ecovillage Design Education and Transition town by Gaia Education (Scottish Government)

42 community leaders, university students and NGO activists were selected and they took part in the EDE course in three phases and a Transition Town workshop . The EDE students also attended the Transition Town workshop. During the second phase for permaculture design, 77 villagers participated at Jinjira village where the third phase of the permaculture course was conducted. The sessions were largely practical and made a tangible impact in the village.

Four students took an active role in visiting villages and carrying out some of the permaculture techniques, educating the villagers of Lakshmipur block.

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To combat climate change and natural disasters while uphold the traditional wisdom, knowledge, and culture, THREAD is one of the vital organisations working in the state to promote and develop ecovillage in tribal areas of Odisha. To expedite the process of ecovillage development, youth belonging to tribal and dalit communities have been provided with a month-long training program on Ecovillage Design Education. Ecovillage models have been created in many villages with certain indicators which allow them to be identified as ecovillages. Ecovillage is a new concept which covers four dimensions i.e. World view, social, ecology and economy.

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Empowering Socially Excluded Groups for Right to Livelihood, Land, Health and Nutrition

Mayurbhanj occupies a special position in the tribal map of India. Lying at the northern border of Odisha, it is the largest Adivasi-dominated district of the state. The indigenous population of the district is 58% of its total population and shares 15% of the state’s total indigenous population. Out of 62 types of Adivasis living in Odisha, this district alone houses 53 types. The targeted communities of the proposed project are mostly tribal groups (SCs & STs) of Mayurbhanj. Despite their large numbers, these people live as “socially excluded” groups. The chief among them are “Bhumija”, “Santal”, “Bhuiyan”, “Gond”, “Ho” and “Kolha”.

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Grow Your Own Food Congress & Asian Ecovillage Summit

The congress will gather different civil societies govt officials and media to propagate and lobby for Grow your own food concept.

Over twenty five techniques of organic manure making units will be demonstrated. Liquid manure and pesticides organically prepared will be exhibited. A biodiversity campus with ecovillage principles can be seen while a solar pump and solar energy harvest for the whole Siddharth village Resort will also be demonstrated..


Organic Products

All the products that are being processed in our social enterprise are purely organic without any mixture. We are collecting from tribal areas only. Some products are also cultivated in our own land. These products are processed in hygienic way. It is processed by tribal women’s group under close supervision. All the products are thoroughly manually cleaned and grinded and packed by them. The papad, Mixed-ragi noodles also prepared by them. All the organic products are purchased by people for medicinal purpose.

News & Events

We at Siddharth Village are committed to raising awareness on India’s indigenous population as well as working towards achieving ecological balance and individual and community empowerment. Visit any of our centers to play a part in contributing to a healthy society or get in touch with us to know more.